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Health & Nutrition Coaching

  • Working 1 on 1 with Jolin

  • Personalized Nutrition Plans and Exercise Routines

  • Healthy Habits Building For Long-Term Success

  • Plan Management, Accountability and Weekly Meetings

  • Gain Mental Clarity and Physical Energy 

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16 Proven ways to BURN more calories every day

I came up with a list of ideas of SIMPLE ACTIONS for you - to burn more calories on a daily basis, and to get closer to your health and wellness goals. 


They are easy to do. Try one or all 20!

Hello! I am Jolin

I am a Precision Nutrition Level 2 certified coach in nutrition and change psychology. I have been working with hundreds of clients over the years from teens to elderly individuals, from pregnant women to professional athletes. Knowing that fitness and wellness is never one size fits all, and it is a long-term process instead of something you could easily fix by joining a popular online 4-week or 6-week or 10-weeks challenge. I am here to help you succeed, to learn the skills that is useful for your lifetime, but not to sell you a quick fix, or to promote what has worked for others.



Working with Jolin was such an eye opening experience for me. She truly wants the best for her clients and she challenges to see the bigger picture.  --- Joanna S


Jolin is an amazing coach! She supported me in getting into the best shape of my life before my wedding. She held me accountable for reaching my goals in the most constructive way. . -- Stephanie A 

I have learned to eat better, I feel better about working out, and I have seen changes in my overall health. Jolin's dedication to what she does and how she makes a difference in your life is infectious.  -- Reese A


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