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My name is Jolin.  I am a fitness trainer and wellness coach, bilingual events host, pianist, and dance instructor. Originally from Shanghai, China, I got my Master's degree in Performing Arts Administration from New York University, and dual Bachelor's degree in Cultural Management and Advertising from Shanghai Jiaotong University. I am passionate about arts and wellness, connecting body and mind through music and movement, as well as helping people build a joyful, healthy, and fulfilling lifestyle.


I created, produced and hosted an interview series named “Dream New York, Jolin Weekly” at ICN TV Network from 2013 to 2017, through which I invited 100+ guest speakers from different backgrounds to share experiences, ideas and visions. Everyone has a unique story and a point of view, and that was why I created this program to give more people a platform to share their experiences, perspectives, hard work and dreams. I am also a bilingual events host based in CT and NY area, and have spoken on stage from United Nations Headquarters, to City Field Stadium, to Gotham Hall. Read more about me as events MC.

My passion for the arts began when I was learning to play piano at the age of three. I am a certified professional piano performer from Shanghai Conservatory of Music. In 2006, I won the Gold Award of  Shanghai Young Musician Music Competition, and was the only winner who was not majored in piano. I play music for weddings, church services, cocktail parties, as well as yoga and meditation classes.  Listen to my music on the pianist page.

With a background in dancing Ballroom, Ballet, and Contemporary, I am excited about choreographing for wedding couples for their first dance, and creating fun experience and memory. Check out my choreographer page.  



杨舒 Jolin Yang 本科毕业于上海交通大学,后赴美留学,并获取纽约大学(New York University)表演艺术管理专业硕士学位。(MA, Performing Arts Administration)


杨舒2013年4月起在ICN国际卫视-大纽约侨声广播电台开创并主持“纽约追梦周记 Dream New York, Jolin Weekly"节目,邀请不同国籍和背景的年轻人畅谈经历,思考,奋斗和梦想。杨舒也是ICN主办及协办的各类活动的双语主持人。











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