A bit of story:


I could never forget that snowing night on Feb 8th, 2013. I was so sad that the upcoming Ballroom Competition in Philadelphia was canceled at last minute because of the canceled public transpotation that night.  Then My boss called in, "Hey Jolin, could you do me a favor? I am supposed to do a live radio promotion for the dance show early tomorrow morning, but I could not drive into the city due to the heavy snow. Could you do it?"

"Sure." I said.


So I did a live radio program the next day. 


The Director of Chinese American Voice Channel walked to me after the program and said, "Hey Jolin, I like your voice on the radio, wanna do your own program here?"

"YES YES YES Of Course!!! But what should I talk about?"

"You are the producer, think about something you want to talk about..."


2 months later, I started "Dream New York, Jolin Weekly".




Since that day, I became a bilingual host speaking at different events. 


-- Jolin S. Yang

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